Quality - PT. Indopertama


of Indopertama’s product

Our main competitive power lies in the quality of our products and how strict our quality process are being performed. We maintain the hygiene work environment and machineries at the highest standard.

CV. Indopertama perform all its activities following the international standard, BPOM standard and also following the good food processing practice according to the requirement of HALAL certificate. A regular checking by our quality checker are performed for every batch of our spring roll pastry production. We have also involved our clients are partners to witness the quality of our spring roll pastry production, because seeing is believing.

With the use of CV. Indopertama’s hygiene automatic Spring roll pastry machine, we minimise the involvement of human contact on the dough until it has been processed into a spring roll pastry, resulting an effective, fast and hygiene product, even up until every product is packed, we check all of them with our metal detecting machine.

Indopertama’s quality procedure

STEP 1 Raw material selection
STEP 2 Raw material processing
STEP 3 Dough batter making
STEP 4 Spring roll pastry machine processing
STEP 5 Product packing & vacuuming
STEP 6 Metal detecting